About On the Plane

On the Plane aims to provide a snapshot of every team at this years World Cup tournament in Qatar. We wanted to create something that providing a slightly more alternative look at the facts and the data behind each teams performances in tournaments gone by - who their top scorer is, biggest wins and losses, overall record in the tournaments - along with some slightly more unusual takes on the data.

Data visualisations

We’ve looked at four main areas for the data visualisations: how many cards a team has picked up (versus the overall tournaments averages), their overall goal difference against each opposition they’ve played (who are present at this years tournament), their individual records in penalty shootouts (not just how many they’ve won or lost, but how many penalties have been scored or missed) and how their W/L/D records compare when broken down into different continents.

Data sources

We’ve used many different sources for our data. including The FIFA website, Wikipedia and Youtube

Competition rules

The rules for the quiz competition are simple - answer at least 10 questions correctly and send a tweet to show that you’ve entered. Your score and your Twitter handle will be stored in our database, and at the end of the competition one of the correct entries will be selected at random.

Please note you must tweet with the hashtag #ontheplane linking back to this website for your entry to be deemed valid.

The prize is a replica jersey of your choice (up to a value of £80) from classicfootballshirts.com which will be delivered to an address of your choice. Winners outside the UK will be liable for any costs incurred for customs and tax.

The winning entry will be contacted after the draw has taken place where we will ask which team you would like to receive and in what size. Good luck!


We take your privacy very seriously. The only data we’ll be storing about any users will be the Spot the Ball entries, which will be removed one month after the competition has closed.

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